Running a Lighthouse validator presents a message to strongly consider running --auto-register the first time.

The documentation also states:

The --auto-register flag registers your signing key with the slashing protection database, which keeps track of all the messages your validator signs. This flag should be used sparingly, as reusing the same key on multiple nodes can lead to your validator getting slashed. On subsequent runs you should leave off the --auto-register flag.

Ideally, the flag is run exactly 1 time. But what happens if it's run 0 or 2+ times?

  1. What are the risks by not using --auto-register at all?

  2. Assuming --auto-register was run once already, what bad things will happen if Lighthouse is stopped, and then restarted with --auto-register (accidentally) again? An example of this happening is a Lighthouse crash and then restarting it with an old command history.


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