The Baddies drained 3641694.241898506992612606 ETH via The DAO's child DAO #59.

When will the Baddies have access to the hacked funds on the Ethereum Classic chain?

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The Baddies joined into the Split Proposal #59 where they were not the curator. From this split, the Baddies created a number of split proposals where the Split Proposal #59.10 was used to split out the attacked funds into a split where the attacker was the curator. The Baddies have now created the Non-Split Proposals #59.10.1 and #59.10.2 where the funds can be withdrawn into the account 0xc362ef3150969f89a22b95521c1a8683e3e864f1 on the Classic chain.

Non-Split Proposal #59.10.1 can be executed from Mon, 05 Sep 2016 21:56:22 GMT and Non-Split Proposal #59.10.2 can be executed from Mon, 05 Sep 2016 22:02:35 GMT.

Here is a screenshot showing the difference in the attacker's Split Proposal #59 between theDAOETCDrains_20160807_1255GMT.txt and the latest generated report theDAOETCDrains_20160828_230144GMT.txt.

enter image description here

UPDATE 22:13 Sep 5 2016 UTC

The hacker has just withdrawn their booty from The DAO on the ETC chain.

See https://gastracker.io/addr/0xc362ef3150969f89a22b95521c1a8683e3e864f1. The booty was then moved immediately to https://gastracker.io/addr/0x5e8f0e63e7614c47079a41ad4c37be7def06df5a with 1,000 ETC donated to the (now tainted) Ethereum Classic developer fund.

Follow the live update at The Hacker Has Just Withdrawn Their Booty From The DAO On The ETC Chain.

Further data and the script to extract the data can be found at github.com/bokkypoobah/TheDAOETCDrains, including the list of all the split proposals - summary shown below:

Summary Page 1

enter image description here

Summary Page 2

enter image description here

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