Assuming I have a contract method which conducts several money transfers, e.g.

function payalot(address payable p1, address payable p2, address payable p3) public {

If I execute this method, I can easily get the executions' transaction hash and transaction receipt.

What I need to know is the list of money transfers conducted by the method. If I have the transaction hash or transaction receipt, is there any (easy) way of getting the details of "sub-calls" (is that the right name?) where money is transferred in Web3py - or in general?

Bonus question: Does that also work when tracking selfdestruct transactions?

  • You can emit an event for each transfer. – goodvibration May 25 at 16:34
  • The contracts are given as input. I can't/I'm not allowed to change it. So I need a different approach. – Matthias Lohr May 25 at 16:42

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