I am able to get gas price data as follows from some oracles (i.e., ethgasstation.info, etherscan.io):


Is there a way to get similar information (including any other gas info) directly from Geth?

From Geth documentation I tried some commands especially related to Gas Price Oracle Options and also the curl that throws errors as follows:

geth curl

When I run geth with or without options, the results are as follows, probably they are the current network status.

I am new to this and pretty sure I am missing something! Any clue is appreciated.

geth with options geth without options


You can try to get pending transactions and calculate an average amount of gasprice.

pending_transactions = web3.provider.make_request("parity_pendingTransactions", [])
gas_prices = []
for tx in pending_transactions["result"[:10]]:

print("gasPrice: ", statistics.mean(gas_prices))

Related article (subheader Estimating Gas):



Yes. You can use the eth_gasPrice RPC call. From the docs:

Returns the current price per gas in wei.

  • Thank you @shane, I just updated the question with few more queries after your post. Could you please provide me some hint?
    – temp
    May 19 '20 at 18:53
  • Hmmm. I would think that that should work. Maybe you can try reaching out to the Geth team on their discord channel. I am not sure of the answer. May 19 '20 at 19:39

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