I am currently testing sending requests to my Chainlink node on Ropsten. I am following the documentation for running a Chainlink node and all went well until.

40 BumpGasUntilSafe FindTxByAttempt: record not found.

What is usually the cause of this error?

  • Please share your account address or one of transaction hashes. Commented May 13, 2020 at 15:44

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This issue usually means that the amount of gas you are setting is not enough for your transaction to safely go through. The gas has a default value set in the configuration variables. There are two main things you could do to fix it. The simplest solution is to run the gas-updater docker image. This connects to your node and updates the gas costs of your node's transactions to a decentralized safer value.

First, pull the docker image:

docker pull thodges/cl-gas-updater:latest

Then run the command:

docker run --name gas-updater -d --restart unless-stopped -it -e CL_URL= -e CL_EMAIL=<NODE_GUI_LOGIN_EMAIL> -e CL_PASSWORD=<NODE_GUI_LOGIN_PASSWORD> -e MAX_GAS_PRICE=500000000000 -e FALLBACK_GAS_PRICE=50000000000 -e ADD_GAS_PRICE=1000000000 thodges/cl-gas-updater

You can also adjust the gas setting by changing the configuration variables in the .env config. You can check the link to see what each do, but you could set a few to what you see similar in the docker command above. For example:

MAX_GAS_PRICE=500000000000 FALLBACK_GAS_PRICE=50000000000 ADD_GAS_PRICE=1000000000

But having a dynamic gas updater (the thodges/cl-gas-updater image from above) is a much cheaper and more affective solution.

Eventually, the gas updater will be built into the node docker container.


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