This is the second time I've lunched a Geth server with full mode on a server with the resources below:

  • 4Core CPU
  • 16GB RAM
  • 400GB SSD

But server keeps staying arount half of highestBlock and its synchronization is very slow. It's the second day that I'm checking this server and the current status is:

> eth.syncing
  currentBlock: 4185982,
  highestBlock: 10042734,
  knownStates: 0,
  pulledStates: 0,
  startingBlock: 0

May you tell me what is the problem? Aren't the resources enough? Or I had some other mistakes?
This is the command I used to run geth:

geth --rpc --rpcport 1555 --rpcapi personal,eth,web3,txpool,net

I also tested --cache 8192 in this command, but nothing did not change.

  • Did you start synchronizing from empty? I just want to make sure you haven't tried other sync modes before this on the server – Lauri Peltonen May 13 at 11:52
  • Yes. It was the only mode I have used – Mohammad Saberi May 14 at 6:28

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