How do I specify a custom test directory path in truffle-config.js? My test directory is not present at the same level as truffle-config.js, it is residing in a different directory. Truffle has options to specify custom contracts and migration directory. Similarly, do we have for test directory?


After trying out some things, I found the solution, we have to specify the path of the test directory in the truffle-config.js i.e

module.exports = {
    description: 'Test Configuration',
       networks: {
    test_directory: '../test',
    migrations_directory: 'migrations',

Official Truffle documentation have not mentioned about the custom directory for tests but, this seems to be working.


From the official documentation:

All test files should be located in the ./test directory.


I found this in the source code (Truffle v4.1.16):

  var props = {
    build_directory: function() {
      return path.join(self.working_directory, "build");
    contracts_directory: function() {
      return path.join(self.working_directory, "contracts");
    contracts_build_directory: function() {
      return path.join(self.build_directory, "contracts");
    migrations_directory: function() {
      return path.join(self.working_directory, "migrations");
    test_directory: function() {
      return path.join(self.working_directory, "test");

Which means that you can do it using test_directory (as you've mentioned in a comment).

The documentation that I've linked above is therefore not updated.

  • I have kept all files in the test directory, but the directory is not present at the same level as truffle-config. So how can I specify the path to test directory from truffle-config?
    – FLASH
    May 5 '20 at 7:15
  • @FLASH: The ./ part implies that this folder must reside next to truffle-config.js. May 5 '20 at 7:21
  • Yes, the truffle-config.js and test directory has to be at the same level. May 5 '20 at 8:05
  • I tried specifying test_directory: '../path-of-the-test-directory' in truffle-config.js with the test directory path and it worked. So it seems that we can have a test directory anywhere but, the path needs to be mentioned for the same.
    – FLASH
    May 6 '20 at 4:28
  • @FLASH: Yup, you're right, I checked the source code and it's there. The documentation that I've linked is therefore not updated. May 6 '20 at 4:36

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