I've lunched a Geth server with default maxpeers which is 100 regarding to original documents. Now, I need to know how many nodes are connecting to my node? Is there any command to find it in Geth console?


To check the numbers of peers connected you can use the following command with the Geth console:

> net.peerCount

And if you want to get more information about the connected peers, you can use the command:

> admin.peers
    caps: ["eth/61", "eth/62", "eth/63"],
    id: "08a6b39263470c78d3e4f58e3c997cd2e7af623afce64656cfc56480babcea7a9138f3d09d7b9879344c2d2e457679e3655d4b56eaff5fd4fd7f147bdb045124",
    name: "Geth/v1.5.0-unstable/linux/go1.5.1",
    network: {
      localAddress: "",
      remoteAddress: ""
    protocols: {
      eth: {
        difficulty: 17334052235346465000,
        head: "5794b768dae6c6ee5366e6ca7662bdff2882576e09609bf778633e470e0e7852",
        version: 63
}, /* ... */ {

For more information, check the documentation.

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