In my requirement I have list of whitelist domains(xyz.com, abc.com etc.) and I have to write smart contract to check the data is coming from one of our whitelisted domains...

Solution number one: Store comma separated whitelisted domains in a string and then use a library like stringutils or solidity-util and check if my newdomain is available in my whitelisted domains.

Solution number two: Store whitelisted domains in string[] and loop through the array and if my newdomain is available in my whitelisted domains array.

I am wondering which solution is better for my scenario?

Also there is one more problem, how can I validate data like http://xyz.com, www.xyz.com, xyz.com etc all of them are valid domains

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Solution number three:

  • Store whitelisted domains in mapping (string => bool) whitelisted
  • Find out if a given domain is whitelisted, using if (whitelisted[domain])

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