Im interested in creating custom token (fungible), but with gas-less operations possibilities for V.I.P. customers. I need simple app (wallet is fine) which would:

  • allow me to store custom ERC777-standard token on it
  • allow me to transfer the tokens between different users
  • allow me to use being operator advantage. So Ill be doing the operations.

scenario: I release my own fungible token as currency for Business customers. This currency must stay in token world so its price will be 1:1 with lets say euro. Guests during a crowdfunding would acquire these tokens. And would be explained the rules of the game – How to use them and what they would get for them. These needs to be operable as exchange coin. But without gas requirements on guest side.

Is there such a possibility without development of a custom dapp? Or has anyone an idea, how to realize the scenario in blockchain token world?

important note: Im not a coder

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