I am doing a research about Ethereum smart contracts security. For this purpose I want to make some changes in Ethereum miner and transactions validation process (editing miner for automatically reverting malicious transactions). I should choose a miner to change its source code. Please introduce me some good open source miners for this research.


Miners only calculate a block's proof of work, they do not execute or validate transactions.

Ethereum clients like geth, openethereum will validate and execute transactions.

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  • Thanks, Which Ethereum client is less complicated for editing its source code? – Morteza Amirmohseni Apr 30 at 11:24
  • @MortezaAmirmohseni I won't say one is better than other. If you are familiar with go language I'd recommend starting with geth. If you like rust more start with openethereum. There are several implementations, but geth an openethereum (former parity) are production ready. – Ismael Apr 30 at 15:54

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