I'm developing a donation platform based on the blockchain. I need to identify the beneficiary that can be an institution, an association, a hospital, a retirement home, a person, etc. I study the possibility to integrate the Uport in my platform to identify the beneficiary. So I have some questions:

1/ My platform is based on the Quorum private blockchain. So, I wonder if I can integrate Uport as an identity management solution in the Quorum network and how?

2/ In Uport, the mobile app creates the user identity (controller and proxy contract) and holds the user’s keys. When a beneficiary is a person it may be logic. But When it is an organization, I cannot imagine how an organization creates and holds its identity with a mobile. I read that uPort is designed to create identities for personnes. But I wonder if it enables to create identities for an organizations? If yes how this can be processed.

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