After reading a lot of articles about how to install Web3j in windows. I also tried following this article : https://kauri.io/generate-a-java-wrapper-from-your-smart-contract/84475132317d4d6a84a2c42eb9348e4b/a

I ran the following commands in Power shell npm install web3 npm install -g node-gyp

I got the following error : enter image description here

I wanted to use Web3j to get the Javascript wrapper class for my smart contract which i had deployed using truffle and ganche-cli.

Could someone please assist me on how can I get the Javascript wrapper class for my smart contract, using powershell?

I really need some quick help, please help me out, i have a project submission due.

Thanks in advance!

Tried this as well:

enter image description here

  • It happens very often that latest node versions are buggy. I'm have installed node v10.6.0 with npm v6.1.0 and so far I don't have problem installing web3 or any other npm package. You can find previous node versions at nodejs.org/en/download/releases – Miroslav Nedelchev Apr 27 at 8:16
  • Hey, tried with the version you mentioned, but im still getting the same error :( – sweet archita Apr 27 at 10:47

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