I am trying to get tests running and have started with a very simple one that should always pass. However, I am getting an error relating to the account balance. Code for the test is...

const UTO = artifacts.require('UTO');
let accounts;

    deployment: {
      accounts: [
        // you can configure custom accounts with a custom balance
        // see https://framework.embarklabs.io/docs/contracts_testing.html#Configuring-accounts
            nodeAccounts: true,
            password: 'config/development/password',
            balance: '10 ether'
    contracts: {
      "UTO": {}
  }, (_err, web3_accounts) => {
    accounts = web3_accounts

contract('UTO', () => {
    it('should pass', () => {

I did try changing 'deployment' to 'blockchain' with no success. I guess I am missing something simple here.


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