I'm unable to get events from kovan testnet. The same code is working with ganache blockchain, but when using kovan testnet. I'm not getting any response. Can anyone tell me what I have done wrong?. I'm using reactjs in the front-end please find my code below.

gcse-name of the contract

this.addProduct( this.state.Name, this.state.userName, this.state.email, this.state.price, ).send({ from: this.state.account }) .once("receipt", receipt => { console.log("Receipt received") }); console.log(this.state.gcse) await this.state.gcse.events.ProductCreated({ fromBlock: 'latest', toBlock: 'latest' }, (err, result) => { if(err) {console.log(error)} else{ //code to create the same from backend } })

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