I am trying to use Web3.js to push values from my frontend to a dynamic struct array in my backend.

However, I am receiving an error that I need to provide a parameter to my frontend: "Unhandled Rejection (Error): Invalid number of parameters for "challenges". Got 0 expected 1!"

I have no idea what this parameter is. Would anyone happen to know what this parameter could be? My code is provided below. Help would be insanely appreciated!

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Given the following data-structure:

struct Type {
    string  field1;
    address field2;
    uint256 field3;

And the following state-variable:

Type[] public array;

The compiler generates the following getter-function:

function array(uint256 index) public view returns (string, address, uint256) {
    return (array[index].field1, array[index].field2, array[index].field3);

So you should call challenges(index) with some integer value of index.

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