I'm new in Ethereum contracts. I could implement sending USDT tokens through web3.php, and everything work well. Now, I want to add PAXOS and send such tokens through my system. But I found there is not any transfer() method for PAXOS like what is in USDT contract.
May you help me please and say what is the way to send PAXOS?

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It does have a transfer function, you just don't see in the contract because the author has used the Upgradable Contract design-pattern, which (as implied by its name) allows him/her to upgrade the contract.

Here are a few more examples of ERC20-Token contracts which were implemented the same way:


Looks like it uses some sort of a proxy. They claim to be ERC20 compatible so they have to have transfer function - it just might not be listed due to their proxy pattern.

I'm not familiar with how their system works but if I understand correctly the even say that it's not so obvious in their github:

Because the implementation address in the proxy is a private variable, verifying that this is the proxy being used requires reading contract storage directly. This can be done using a mainnet node, such as infura, by pasting the network address in truffle-config.js and running

Here's the proxy: https://etherscan.io/address/0x8e870d67f660d95d5be530380d0ec0bd388289e1#code Here's their contract details (according to them): https://github.com/paxosglobal/pax-contracts

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