I am trying to deploy a contract on react. But I can't seem to pull it off :(

This is my code:

          data:[big boi bytecode here],
          arguments: ['name', 'description', 20, 20]

And this is the error I am receiving: "TypeError: this.gamechanger.deploy is not a function"

I have also tried using:

this.myContract.deployed().then(() => [...]

However, it would not deploy.

How should I go about doing this? Help would be insanely appreciated!

P.s. I am using Web3 version 1.2.6

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It looks like this.myContract is undefined in your scope.

Also you forgot .send() to deploy a contract


   data:[big boi bytecode here], // Don't forget about '0x' on the start of bytecode
   arguments: ['name', 'description', 20, 20]
}).send({ from: account });

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