My Code below ( Following an Online Course, absolute beginner here ^_^)

pragma solidity >=0.4.17 <0.7.0;

contract CampaignFactory{
    Campaign[] public deployedCampaigns;

    function createCampaign(uint minimum) public{
        Campaign newCampaign = new Campaign(minimum,msg.sender);


    function getDeployedCampaigns() public view returns ( Campaign[] memory) {
        return deployedCampaigns;

contract Campaign{

    struct Request {
        string description;
        uint value;
        address recipient;
        bool complete;
        uint approvalCount;
        mapping( address => bool ) approvals;


 Request[]  public requests;           
 address public manager;                     
 uint public minimumContribution;                      
 mapping( address => bool) public approvers;                       
 uint public contributersCount;                                         

    modifier restricted(){                       
        require(msg.sender == manager);                   

  // constructor************************************************  
    constructor(uint minimum,address creator) public {          
        manager = creator;
        minimumContribution = minimum;


    function contribute() public payable{
        require(msg.value > minimumContribution);

        approvers[msg.sender] = true;


    function createRequest(string memory description, uint value, address recipient ) public restricted() {
        Request memory newRequest = Request({
            description: description,
            value: value,
            recipient: recipient,
            complete: false,
            approvalCount: 0




    function approveRequest( uint index) public{
        Request storage request_index = requests[index];



        request_index.approvals[msg.sender] = true;



    function finalizeRequest(uint  index) public payable restricted {
        Request storage  request = requests[index];
        require(request.approvalCount > (contributersCount / 2));

        //address payable recipient = address(uint160(request.recipient));
        // above is one of the ways i got to know for implementation but sticking to the course 
        request.complete = true;



NO ERROR but NO transfer of ether (last two lines), tried in REMIX everything works fine, except no ether is transferred

A Beginner here, following an online course, making a DApp , also after compiling the contract through Compile.js, no build=> .json file is build, which i guess is because of faulty solidity contract above, works fine for the course instructor, i guess its because the code is outdated?

is there a solution for this or i have to find a alternative for this?



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