a beginner contract developer here

    pragma solidity ^0.5.0;
contract waterBill{
    address admin;
    uint public rateperliter;
    struct Individual{
        string name;
        string addr;
        uint water;
        uint BillAmount;
    mapping (address=>Individual) individual;
    address[] Useraccts;
    constructor() public{
    modifier onlyAdmin(){
        require(msg.sender==admin,"Only Admin has access to this function");_;
     event NewUser(
         string _name,
         address _address,
         uint _waterconsumed
     event BillGenerated(
         address _address,
      uint billamount
    function setUser(string memory _name,address _address,uint _waterconsumed,string memory _Physicaladdress) public onlyAdmin()
        Individual memory User=individual[_address];
        Useraccts.push(_address) -1;
    emit NewUser(_name,_address,_waterconsumed);
     function setBill(address _address) public onlyAdmin() returns(uint){

    emit BillGenerated(_address,individual[_address].BillAmount);
       return individual[_address].BillAmount;
    function getBill(address _address) view public returns(uint){
        return individual[_address].BillAmount;
    function setRate(uint _rate) public onlyAdmin(){

while running this contract in remix IDE, im able to set a new user(setUser), im able to set the rate, but yet when i call setBill, the result is not updated when i call from get Bill

can anyone help me out?

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