I tried to send a signedTransaction using a low gas price (it's my will to test timeoute of my scripts)

I supposed also that a not mined transaction was 'pending', so I tried checking, while the first transaction has not been mined yet, using


I got every time an empty array.


So, what is a pending transaction?

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This function returns all pending transactions in a node's mempool, but it doesn't work in Web3.js.

To read a node's mempool using Web3.js, you need to add a custom call -

//add txpool support
   property: 'txpool',
   methods: [{
      name: 'content',
      call: 'txpool_content'

Then call it -

web3.txpool.content((err, data) => {
   console.log(err, data)

If you want to check a specific transaction status, you can use web3.eth.getTransactionReceipt(txHash), if you get null, that transaction wasn't mined yet (still pending).


web3.eth.getPendingTransactions(); returns an empty array because it's supposed to only return the transactions originating from an account on the node itself (not all pending transactions). Check source.

Good explanation here too.

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