I want to make code coverage for my project. I installed the solidity-coverage from this page: https://github.com/sc-forks/solidity-coverage

and then ran this command in truffle : truffle run coverage

and then truffle give me an error : Error: solidity-coverage listed as a plugin, but not found in global or local node modules!

why am I getting this error?

thank you.

  • Try running solidity-coverage from command-line. – goodvibration Mar 31 at 8:29
  • I m getting this error again. also I checked the npm packages and the solidity-coverage shown as install: that's here├── @openzeppelin/cli@2.7.2 ├── @openzeppelin/contracts@2.5.0 ├── bignumber.js@9.0.0 ├── bn.js@5.1.1 ├── solidity-coverage@0.7.2 └── truffle-assertions@0.9.2 – sollover Mar 31 at 10:00

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