I've an Ethereum account in Geth which has received 4 Tether (USDT). I want to send 1 of them for test to another account, but I receive this error:

insufficient funds for gas * price + value

I think this is because there is not any deposited Ether in the source account. If I am right, how can I solve this issue?
My customers on this platform should be able to receive and send Tether, and I can not enforce them to have a deposit of Ether too.


That error is saying that your account does not have enough ETH to pay the transaction fee. At this time, all transactions on Ethereum incur a fee paid for in ETH.

There are, however, ways too offload the fee payment to someone else with meta-transactions. Wallets like Autheruem actually pay the transaction fees for you, so your users would not have to have any ETH.

Disclaimer: I am a co-founder of Authereum.

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