The problem: I call a smart contract function on my local blockchain, then I confirm the transaction on metamask and finally the transaction is submitted but the transaction does not get mined.

On the blockchain console I receive the warning below:

WARN [03-26|18:21:48.169] Served eth_sendRawTransaction            conn= reqid=1559115320157 t=213.552µs   err="already known"

Instead, when I disable metamask and I send a transaction with the unloacked account then the transaction get mined.

The strange thing that it used to work, I made many operations since yesterday.

Do you have any clue? Thanks!

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    Try resetting MetaMask
    – Ismael
    Mar 28, 2020 at 13:35
  • @Ismael thank you! because of you i was able to ge this done! Apr 26 at 14:45

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Thank you Ismael for your comment after much time spent with this error I have found that this error occurs when I reset my local geth node to the genesis block without resetting the account in meta mask. Now every time I want to start back from genesis I go into Meta Mask Settings => Advanced => Reset Account. This has worked for me I hope this helps you!

  • dude! you saved my life too! THANSK! Apr 26 at 14:44

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