can I add a modifier (for ex: onlyOwner) to a mapping? only I must see the value of mapping's key by myself(onlyowner).

For example: mapping (address => bool) onlyOwner getAddress;

Thank you.

  • No, you cant. Everybody can (and should be able to) see the data on the blockchain, that's actually part of the whole idea (would you ever sign a contract without seeing the details?). Mar 27 '20 at 16:04

It's actually part of a broader concern.

You can put access control on a read-only function, but an adversary will:

  1. Have all of your code
  2. Have all of the data

Therefore, an adversary will get around any notion of confidentiality you construct. private doesn't change that. The most you can do is inconvenience a determined adversary.

Since it is transparent in any case, I generally advise against any restrictions on read-only functions and, in fact, incline to completely discoverable states.

Confidential information just won't exist in a contract state because it shouldn't be there.

Hope it helps.

  • thank you Rob, I see. you're right :)
    – sollover
    Mar 28 '20 at 10:13

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