I'm using Truffle and I want to increase the blocktime to mimic that of the mainnet when i run my tests.

As i understand it, Truffle has already instantiated a web3 instance that's ready to use so i tried to modify it with the following in my test file:

const ganache = require('ganache-core')
web3.setProvider(ganache.provider({ blockTime: 15 }))

However each test finishes in less than 200ms.

How would i go about changing the blocktime?


You can simply start Ganache with -b 15.

See here for more details.


The above solution is for when you start Ganache as a separate process.

In order to simulate a 15-second elpase in your tests, you can simply use this:

web3.currentProvider.send({method: "evm_increaseTime", params: [15]});
  • Firing up Ganache in a separate process with the -b 15 flag worked, now each test takes just over 15000ms. However the second solution gave me before each hook: setup contract for each test: Uncaught TypeError: callback is not a function
    – Conviley
    Mar 27 '20 at 13:19
  • @Conviley: The above works in Truffle 4.x, which relies on web3.js v0.x. It might require a different syntax if you're on Truffle 5.x, which relies on web3.js v1.x. Mar 27 '20 at 13:30
  • Okay i'm using truffle v5.1.13 so that might be the reason then.
    – Conviley
    Mar 27 '20 at 13:33

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