Right now, I am running my private blockchain on aws ec2(t2.medium) using geth. I am just curious that later on is it possible to upgrade that aws ec2(t2.medium) instance to aws ec2(t2.large) instance? If yes, then What steps I have to follow for that?

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Upgrading the existing ec2(t2.medium) to ec2(t2.large) will in no way affect the migration of private blockchain as long as you ensure that following directories from t2.medium are moved to t2.large:

  • geth
  • keystore

Also, make sure to move the history file.

The directories geth, keystore must be located in a directory which was mentioned as a parameter to --datadir when launching the private network using geth.

And, yes, the RPC endpoint will change i.e. --rpcaddr and if you have specified a websocket endpoint that too will change i.e. --wsaddr

Thus, the steps would be moving geth, keystore, history from t2.medium to t2.large

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