I'd like to get type(create, call, ...) of a contract internal transaction, like [this page of etherscan.][1]
However, I couldn't find it any responses and documents of web3js.

I'm getting a contract internal transaction by following procedure.

  1. Use eth.getTransactionReceipt() about a transaction.
  2. See a contractAddress property in the response of step 1.
  3. If the contractAddress property has an address, the transaction is a contract internal transaction.

Is this right ?

However, if the procedure is right, the response of step 1 does not have type of a contract internal transaction. Also a response of eth.getTransaction() about same txHash as step 1 does not have type of contract internal transaction.

I saw this post. However I couldn't uncderstand clearly.
Is it impossible getting type of contract internal transaction?

My environmet is here.




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