Actually in my App.js I have called my contract function like this:

this.state.swapcontract.methods.sendFunds(address).send({ from: this.state.account , value:amount}) 

The function is called perfectly and does the work correctly but it also emits an event.

How do I access that event in my app.js?

Also if some function returned something then how to access it also?

Also this is not a async call and the call back function which many sites suggest is doing nothing.

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Function send returns a Promise object which, when resolved, returns the transaction-receipt.

The transaction-receipt contains all events emitted by your contract function (sendFunds).

So first, save that Promise object:

const promise = this.state.swapcontract.methods.sendFunds(address).send(...);

Then, resolve it in order to get the receipt.

You can do so by calling this from an async function:

const receipt = await promise;
console.log(JSON.stringify(receipt, null, 4));

Or by calling this from anywhere:

promise.then(function(receipt) {
    console.log(JSON.stringify(receipt, null, 4));

Finally, read the printout in order to learn exactly where the events are stored within the receipt.

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