In ethers.js the provider is ethers.getDefaultProvider(); Actually I am running nodejs on server and not using any node Here which provider I am using? Thank you.

  • Your question ("the provider is ethers.getDefaultProvider()... I am not using any node... which provider am I using?") is unclear. The way it is phrased, the answer is either "you are not using any provider" or "call ethers.getDefaultProvider() and find out". Please consider rephrasing it and including the relevant piece of code. – goodvibration Mar 15 at 14:34

It is in the documentation https://docs.ethers.io/ethers.js/html/api-providers.html

ethers . getDefaultProvider( [ network = “homestead” ] ) => Provider

This creates a FallbackProvider backed by multiple backends (INFURA and Etherscan).

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