In this ERC721 implementation by 0xcert there is this _mint function:

function _mint(address _to, uint256 _tokenId) internal override virtual {
    super._mint(_to, _tokenId);
    idToIndex[_tokenId] = tokens.length - 1;

I need to understand the use of super._mint here, what is the logic behind this?

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Taken from the Solidity 0.6.2 docs:

super: the contract one level higher in the inheritance hierarchy

That means super._mint(_to, _tokenId); in your code is actually pointing to method _mint() in contract NFToken which is located in file nf-token.sol. At the top of your smart contract you are importing that file like this import "./nf-token.sol";.


The contract that you've linked in your question starts with:

contract NFTokenEnumerable is

Which means that super._mint(_to, _tokenId) calls function mint of either contract NFToken or contract ERC721Enumerable. A short search in that GitHub repo reveals that this function is in contract NFToken.

It's an internal function-call of course, because NFTokenEnumerable IS a (rather than HAS a) NFToken, i.e., no jump to another contract's code.

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