I want to know how to initialize the structure created using 'struct' key word.

I can't see use of 'new' key word in Solidity documentation.

Some body please guide me.


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Like this:

struct Example {
    uint a;
    uint b;
    uint c;

Example public example;

function set1(uint _a, uint _b, uint _c) public {
    example.a = _a;
    example.b = _b;
    example.c = _c;

function set2(uint _a, uint _b, uint _c) public {
    example = Example(_a, _b, _c);

function set3(uint _a, uint _b, uint _c) public {
    example = Example({a: _a, b: _b, c: _c});
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    This means that there is no use of 'new' keyword for struct data type. Thanks for removing my confusion.
    – zak100
    Mar 10, 2020 at 22:14
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    @zak100: No, the new keyword is used for instantiating a new contract, for example: MyContract myContract = new MyContract(1, 2, 3);. In other words, it is used for deploying a contract on-chain (i.e., from another contract) instead of off-chain (e.g., from a web3-based NodeJS script). Mar 11, 2020 at 5:17

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