I am setting up a private ethereum network (which I have done before), then I noticed that the flags have changed on geth as well as the removal of the genesis flag all together.

I changed the flags accordingly to what is below but when it goes to load up I only get the following message without the console starting up properly.

geth init ./UTSGenesis.json networkid "1100" maxpeers 20 port 3000 console

I0816 09:34:47.826895 ethdb/database.go:82] Allotted 16MB cache and 16  
file handles to /home/james/.ethereum/chaindata
I0816 09:34:47.894232 core/genesis.go:92] Genesis block already in   
chain. Writing canonical number
I0816 09:34:47.894507 cmd/geth/main.go:300] successfully wrote genesis  
block and/or chain rule set: f9deb7b6dc5fda52360cbab7f402b01ca4b76ff3112bdcce7f076d1b374d324c

As you can see, the console wont load up and it just quits out. What am I doing wrong?

  • Did you try working on a different --datadir? Can you post a more detailed output? Was there no message after this?
    – galahad
    Aug 16, 2016 at 0:05

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Using the geth init is a two part process.

The first is to initialise the blockchain with your parameters:

geth init ./UTSGenesis.json

The second is to run the node software on your newly created blockchain data. Note the -- before the options:

geth --networkid "1100" --maxpeers 20 --port 3000 console

See also:

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