silly question. But can i make an array with its name as address of user? For example string[] public 0x7v77wfr349C9864De0119E94c3f8d something like that?


No you can't because variable names can't begin with a number in solidity.

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Yes you can, provided you prepend a string (which be alphabetic).

For instance you can have a variable named:




(beware: the first character is not zero, but the letter O.

On the other hand, it is very difficult to find a case where this is truly useful!

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If you only have one or two users, then:

string[] public aliceArray;
string[] public bobArray;

But I suspect you are looking for something like:

mapping(address => string[]) everyoneArray;

Every possible user address has a corresponding dynamic array of strings.

You specify elements like:


Hope it helps.

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