I have installed a private node using geth (1.9.11-stable). I have created a number of accounts, deployed some contract accounts and sent transactions from the accounts to the contract accounts. By checking the balance on the contract accounts I can see these transactions are successful.

I am now trying to trace the transactions however I keep getting the structLogs entry as an empty array.

  failed: false,
  gas: 21272,
  returnValue: "",
  structLogs: []

I have read on other posts that for traceTransaction to work the geth node must be started in archival mode. I have done this but I still get the same result (empty structLogs).

At the moment I start the geth node using the following command;

geth --mine --minerthreads=1 --datadir ~/gethDataDir --networkid 15 --gcmode archive --syncmode full

Would anyone know what I am doing wrong and why I am getting structLogs as an empty array?

Edit 1:

It would seem the issue is related with the smart contract used for testing. When I use a smart contract which only accepts ether and does nothing else the structLogs come empty.

contract HelloWorld {
    function hello() public payable {}

When I actually put some logic into the smart contract (using exact same approach to deploy and send transaction to the contract account) the structLogs are populated.

contract HelloWorld {
    function hello(uint i) public payable returns (uint) { 
        return i * 2; 

Wouldn't the EVM still be executing instructions in the first case even though just an ether transfer is occurring?

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