Getting error while creating ethereum raw transaction

var rawTx = {
  nonce: '0x2a',
  gasPrice: '0x4a717c800',
  gasLimit: '0xc340',
  to: '0x73F7Ced8cc9D27DC426210c32fc6d0a40f941eE1',
  value: '0x2386f26fc10000',
  data: '',
  chainID: 4 
var cTx = await new EthereumTx(rawTx, { 'chain': 'rinkeby' });

try change data :'' to data:"0x"

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  • why does this work? – lhay86 Aug 18 at 9:54

Replace privateKey with Buffer.from(privateKey.slice(2), "hex").

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  • i am already using privatekey in buffer – Ishwar Chandra Tiwari Mar 4 at 6:13
  • @IshwarChandra: Did this method not work for you? If yes, then please elaborate on what error it gives you. – goodvibration Mar 4 at 7:51
  • i have used your given solution but i am still getting same error – Ishwar Chandra Tiwari Mar 4 at 8:16

This might be happening, because you are trying to sign the raw transaction with private key in string format, but it has to be hex. Change:



cTx.sign(new Buffer(privateKey, 'hex'))

And on a side note, here var cTx = await new EthereumTx(rawTx, { 'chain': 'rinkeby' }); you don't have to pass chain parameter, you already specified to which blockchain network the transaction should be sent in rawTx where you placed this parameter chainID: 4. Full list with blockchain networks can be found here.

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ethereum-utils checks string fields if they are hex. When you send data field as empty, then it throws the error. You can send data as '0x' like they said above.

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