I know that if someone owns tokens he can simply call transfer method of contract to send money. I also know that for ERC20 contract owner of tokens can call approve for my account, and then I can call transferFrom to send his money. But I don't know if it's possible for me to transfer money from someone's account if I know his key without him calling approve before. In other words, is it possible to make transaction with transfer call to contract where transaction "from" field and "from" in a parameter to contract are different? I want to have the ability to make a lot of transactions from specific account to contract, such that they will transfer money from other accounts that I have keys to. It would be convinient, because in this case I can pay fee in eth only from one account and I don't need eth on all other accounts. With approve/transferFrom scheme I still need to call approve from all these accounts (and pay for fee) before every transferFrom which makes the whole idea useless.

If this helps, I want to interact with a specific token -- USDT

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An ERC20 token has two standard ways to make transfers as you said.

  • transfer: need owner to all transfer.
  • transferFrom: needs onwer to call approve.

In both cases the owner has to pay ether fees.

There are some proposals to create contracts that allow a third party to pay fees on behalf on someone else but USDT doesn't support it.

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