I put a keccak hashing inside pure function, it works and return me the result.It also works in a for loop. I studied that hashing the data and loop consumes consider amount of gas. Do we need to provide ether for that??. But pure function invocation doesn't go as a transaction right... ??


pure functions do consume gas if they are being called on-chain.

If you are calling the pure function off-chain (e.g. for the frontend of your website), there is no associated cost. If you are calling the pure function on-chain as a part of a transaction, it will consume gas.

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    "if they are being called on-chain" - from a function which is not pure or view! – goodvibration Feb 27 at 20:00
  • @shane Thats what my question is about.. Why the off-chain call doesn't cost gas?. EVM has to do the computation, Irrespective of the origin right?. – Naveen Kumar Feb 28 at 5:47
  • @goodvibration It will cost gas if it is not pure or view. That's what my question also. Anyway computation done by EVM is same on both cases. – Naveen Kumar Mar 3 at 9:49

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