I have created an ethereum account in azure using ethereum consortium proof of concept and linking metamask with it ,I m trying to unlock the adrees of ethereum i have created enter image description hereenter image description here I HAVE TRIED IN BOTH WAYS AND both ways leads to error i want to unlock my ethereum account to use with my website enter image description here

  • can you give the command used to run geth? Feb 26 '20 at 23:42
  • Geth attach ethcyy5j4-dns—reg1-eastus-cloudapp.azure.com:8545 Feb 27 '20 at 5:53
  • Its an url i took from ethereum i created rpc endpoint url Feb 27 '20 at 6:17
  • you should add this when running geth --rpcapi eth,web3,net,personal Feb 27 '20 at 14:38
  • Adding this too gives me error can i get ur mail address so tht i cld contact you Feb 28 '20 at 9:04

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