When I interact with my deployed smart contract (Ropsten testnet) on Chrome I sometimes face the following situation :

  1. I call my method which is an approval of my contract

enter image description here

  1. After confirming I get this second window which should not exist :

enter image description here

I can't click on "reject" or "confirm", the window is stuck.

I had this issue twice in 3 days. To fix it I had each time to reinstall Metamask. Then, all was working well again. Any idea what's going on ?

  • You may want to go ask metamask directly. Seems very specific to me. – Florian Castelain Feb 24 at 10:34

I fixed the issue by just reseting the Metamask account which basically clear the transactions history in the chosen network. The issue was maybe related to a mismatching nonce of the transactions.

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