I'm running the following services in docker:

  • go-ethereum 1.9.11-stable-6a62fe39 in light mode
  • python 3.7-alpine app with Web3 v5.5.1.

Geth node startup is straightforward:

image: ethereum/client-go:stable
command: ['--syncmode', 'light',
          '--rpc', '--rpcaddr', '', '--rpcvhosts', '*',
          '--ws', '--wsaddr', '']
  - ./eth-data:/root/.ethereum

web3.eth.getTransaction returns correct tx information

web3.eth.getTransactionReceipt raises TransactionNotFound exception

Previously node was running in version 1.8 and receipts were OK. It's logs don't provide any detail in this. What's the problem here? Is it geth bug or normal behaviour of light mode?

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