I am having a very annoying problem but hopefully very simple to solve! I have a truffle project. In my contracts directory I have 2 files:

>     1_Migrations.sol
>     2_Factoring.SOL

When I type compile --all from the command line, the compiler only compiles 1_Migrations.sol. I deleted all the .JSONs to see what would happen and the result is nothing happens - no compile and no JSONs created apart from Migrations.JSON.

Does anyone have any idea what I might be doing wrong?


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It was indeed a simple problem to solve! The problem was the two SOL files were named slightly differently and it came down to case sensitivity:

1_Migrations.sol and 2_Factoring.SOL

I simply renamed 2_Factoring.SOL to be 2_Factoring.sol and low and behold the compiler did what I expect it to do! I hope that this will help someone else struggling with this problem.

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