Let's say I asked a user to approve the X Dai amount today for Smart invoice asking price.

daiContract.methods.approve(cAddress, X.toString()).send({
    from: ethereum.selectedAddress

But, he buys after a week since the time he approved. so, the asking amount increases with the time Y Dai so, he has to approve extra dai amount Z Dai = Y Dai - X Dai

daiContract.methods.approve(cAddress, Z.toString()).send({
    from: ethereum.selectedAddress

but it is overriding the previous X Dai amount and giving some random amount when I check the allowance

        from: ethereum.selectedAddress

so, what happens when I approve multiple times and does it add like if I approve X Dai first-time transaction and then Y Dai second time approves the transaction = X Dai + Y Dai? or it completely overrides the first and now only Y Dai is approved?


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Each approve method in ERC20 token standard rewrites the previous approved amount. Method transferFrom is decreasing the approved amount on each transfer. For example if I approve my someone to spend 1000 of my tokens, but then for some reason I wan't to decrease that amount to 300 I will just call approve method again and pass amount 300 as parameter (1000 now will be replaced by 300). If I wan't to fully disable this someone to manage my tokens I will pass 0 as parameter.

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