I was supposed to receive payment through a million money ethereum smart contract. The transaction was made by my downline and it shows on my http://lk.million.money office but it did not show on my wallet. I checked etherscan and I find it there but I could not find it in my wallet

[enter image description here

The first Image shows my million money office where it shows that the money entered my acct

enter image description here

The second image shows my trust wallet transaction history showing that the money did not enter

enter image description here enter image description here

The third and fourth shows the wallet the money is coming from

My wallet address is 0x05456c2c9135b53f6c6d187fC654e7A8127AFfF5 The sender wallet address is 0xd8e117be22de12e2993308fd3bca7e831cd2a13b

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    It seems your wallet doesn't support internal transactions. The money is in your address so you can use it. – Ismael Feb 11 at 21:43

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