I know that both mythrix and mythril are used for smart contracts auditing but I didn't figure out yet the difference between them. I'll appreciate any help.

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Both projects are created by the same team, and are used to analyze bytecode and locate weaknesses listed in the SWC registry. There are some notable differences:

  • Mythril is a free and open-source smart contract security analyzer. It uses symbolic execution to detect a variety of security vulnerabilities. It runs on your local machine.
  • MythX is a cloud-based smart contract security service. It performs security analysis remotely, accepting jobs and returning results via an API. A free version is available, but for a complete analysis you must sign up and purchase a subscription.

The MythX API has been integrated into many development frameworks, including Brownie, Truffle and Remix. Submitting a job is a fairly straightforward process.

You can learn more about the differences from this official blog post: MythX Tech: Behind the Scenes of Smart Contract Security Analysis

  • Obligatory disclaimer: I am the lead developer of Brownie. I do not receive any financial compensation from MythX. Feb 10, 2020 at 17:42

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