Etherscan says there is not enough ether, why? Arguments, which i enter => requestLoan(3,31,3) and after change account, provideGuarantee(0,3)

I have created dApp and how it looks in my code you can see here

this.etherAmount = 3;
await this.bankContract.methods.requestLoan(this.etherAmount, 31, 2).send({from: this.state.borrower}).then(res => console.log("Request loan " + res.status));
await this.bankContract.methods.provideGuarantee(0, 4).send({from: this.state.guarantor, gas: 40000, value: this.etherAmount}).then(res => console.log("Provide guarantee " + res.status));

Link to transaction => https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0xab31946f54cb86187dd517ff7c8ebc34730714a9717ee33a11ea22d54a31ed11

function requestLoan(uint etherBorrow, uint8 payBackDate, uint8 
etherInterest) public
    Loan memory loan = Loan({loanee: msg.sender, index: loansCount, etherBorrow: etherBorrow,
                                    payBackDate: now + (payBackDate * 1 days), etherInterest: etherInterest,
                                    _isGuaranteeProvided: false, _isLoanProvided: false, _isLoanExist: true});
    loans[loansCount] = loan;

function provideGuarantee(uint index, uint8 guaranteeInterest) public payable // payable means that value should have ether
        index < loansCount,
        "This index does not exist");

    require(loans[index].loanee != msg.sender,
            "The borrower can't provide a guarantee to himself");

    require(lenders[index] != msg.sender,
            "The lender can't provide guarantee for the loan");

        "This loan already has a guarantee");

    require(guaranteesCount < loansCount || !guarantees[index]._isWaitingForHandling, 
        "This guarantee already waiting for handling of borrower");

    require(guaranteeInterest > 0, 
            "Too low interest");

        msg.value == loans[index].etherBorrow,
        "You don't have enough eather to provide guarantee");

        "This loan does not exist");

        "This guarantee does exist");

    Guarantee memory guarantee = Guarantee({guarantor: msg.sender, etherInterest: guaranteeInterest,
                                                loanIndex: index, _isWaitingForHandling: true, _isGuaranteeExist: true});
    guarantees[index] = guarantee;
  • It's impossible to read your code given the combination of horizontal scroll and vertical scroll required in order to view it. – goodvibration Feb 9 at 9:17

You are providing 3 wei as value to your provideGuarantee function - the same amount you are creating a loan for. In your code you check that if the amount is the same (msg.value == loans[index].etherBorrow) then the contract throws that error: Fail with error 'You don&#39;t have enough eather to provide guarantee.

I'm a bit unsure why you have such a condition and what exactly you are trying to do but probably you simply need to provide more Ethers (weis) as the value?

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As stated by LauriPeltonen the check that fails is msg.value == loans[index].etherBorrow since you send 3wei then loans[index].etherBorrow is not 3 when index = 0.

Looking at the transaction history the first successful call to requestLoan was at https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/tx/0x879a238d031e81bac5cc2092a8897b6feaa8f269c0be737ad313c812e4aaef22. Withe the following parameters.

  • etherBorrow = 300000000000
  • payBackDate = 31
  • etherInterest = 5

So unless you have some other function to override a loan data calling to provideGuarantee(0, 4) will fail unless you send 300000000000 wei = 300 gwei.

I'd suggest to always generate events when creating a load so looking at the events you can determine things like index that are assigned during execution.

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