Let's say I want to redirect somewebsite.eth.link to www.otherdomainiown.com. http://spacex.eth.link/ does this and the redirect works on chrome. However, I don't see an A record and I do see IPFS content in the records: https://app.ens.domains/name/spacex.eth

I read http://eth.link/ but did not understand it all.

It seems that if I set a DNS A record to somewebsite.eth.link then the redirect will automatically happen?

What should that DNS A record look like in this scenario?

What field and attribute in the resolver do I fill with that record (text record, something else)?

I'd like to make this work without IPFS / Swarm.

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I'd like to make this work without IPFS / Swarm

From my research and experimentation, this isn't possible without IPFS. If you look at DNS A record for spacex.eth.link you will see that it points to a Cloudflare IP, as Cloudflare provides the eth.link gateway to IPFS.

% drill spacex.eth.link


spacex.eth.link.    106 IN  A
spacex.eth.link.    106 IN  A


Good further reading starts here: https://blog.cloudflare.com/cloudflare-distributed-web-resolver/

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