Can I deploy a contract in Solidity (not in-line assembly) using create2?


Yes. Solidity version 0.6.2 introduced a high-level way to use the create2 opcode. From the release docs:

When creating a contract, you can specify the salt as a "function call option": new Contract{salt: 0x1234}(arg1, arg2)

As an example, the following deploy() function will deploy the Test contract using a salt of 0x1234 and a constructor param of 123.

pragma solidity 0.6.2;

contract Test {
    uint256 public a;
    constructor (uint256 _a) public {
        a = _a;

contract DeployTest {
    function deploy() public {
        new Test{salt: 0x1234}(123);

Yes. Solidity version 0.6.2 you can do it

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