What are the differences between web3.eth.personal.getAccounts() and web3.eth.getAccounts()?


  • truffle: v5.1.7
  • using truffle console.

The difference is what RPC method is being called under the hood. From the docs:

web3.persal.getAccounts returns a list of accounts the node controls by using the provider and calling the RPC method personal_listAccounts.

The results are the same as web3.eth.getAccounts() except that calls the RPC method eth_accounts.

  • Sorry to ask because this is another question, so if you knew tell me please. Actually I am now connecting to azure blockchain service(working on quorum protocol), and two methods return totally different addresses. Can you guess why this happens ? – 久保圭司 Feb 3 '20 at 14:15

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