Is this an issue with deep matching/object identity?

AssertionError: expected <BN: 204fce5e3e25026110000000> to equal <BN: 204fce5e3e25026110000000>

It seems strange that chai.should seems to work fine with the same vars:

// works

// doesn't work
assert.equal(supplyCap, _cap);

Change this:

assert.equal(supplyCap, _cap);

To this:

assert.equal(supplyCap.toString(), _cap.toString());
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  • Makes sense. This is because there is some internal difference between the objects? – errata Jan 25 at 17:49
  • 1
    @errata: I think that assert.equal just uses ==, and since you're passing two different objects, it fails. You can verify my conjecture by calling assert.equal(supplyCap, supplyCap) and see if it passes. – goodvibration Jan 25 at 19:18
  • interesting point.. thx again – errata Jan 25 at 20:48

Consider using bn-chai if you do it a lot.

Then you can do:

expect(new BN('1')).to.eq.BN(new BN('1'));
expect(new BN('1')).to.eq.BN('1');
expect(new BN('1')).to.eq.BN(1);
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  • Ya that does look a lot more pleasant. Perhaps I'll try to migrate. thx! – errata Sep 14 at 23:24

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